Geneva Auto Salon 2014

As nuts as it sounds, I’m in Geneva. What started out as my buddy AW saying “When we go to Geneva” about a year ago and me saying “yeah, yeah ok…” has turned into this blog post. There’s a longer story behind it which I’m sure I’ll eventually post, but in the meantime – here’s a few pics from the first day.

The new ///M3 is here, my first time seeing it in person – still feels weird to call the sedan the ///M3. Overall a very good looking car, although I feel BMW did over do it a bit with the M logo’s everywhere.

Ferrari 458 Speciale – looks great in grey, rear is sooo high. Def pref this over the blue we saw in BH at launch.

Lamborghini Huracan…so amazing in the taste the rainbow colors. At the preview, we saw a silver one which was a bit anti-climactic but man it just kills in these colors.

Some McLaren P1 love…this car is so over the top yet so perfect in every way.

If you told me I could only own one car for the rest of my life…this would DEFINITELY be in the running.

Also at McLaren, the newly released Speciale fighter – the 650PS spyder. Looks amazing in person – all the right pieces.

FAB Design brought out their MODIFIED P1…yeah, it’s like putting bigger boobs on Kate Upton…I dunno about that (while some of you are screaming yes!). Along with additional Carbon Aero they also added lightweight CF wheels. Crazy and controversial for sure.

Also at FAB Design, a modified Aventador…because if you have the balls to mess with a McLaren P1 – an Aventador ain’t nothin!!!

The last, last, edition of the Zonda supposedly – but what a way to go…Zonda Revolucion.

Not to be outdone, Koenigsegg brought out their ONE:1 – definitely a sneak attack at the show.

Me and the Brabus 700 6×6 G63 battlewagon…some next level SUV action going on here LOL.

Last but not least, a pic of a Chase lego logo sticker at the local Starbucks here in Geneva. He’s just over 6 mos old, but I’m hoping one day he’ll travel to these same spots (I’m going to leave one in each city we visit) with his significant other and take a pic. The sticker may be gone, but the location and memory will still be there! First spot buddy! Geneva Starbucks, second level near the sign!!

More to come, I need to get some rest and adjust to the time…Zzzzz.

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