A fun run with the homies…

My buddies F12 was recently delivered (cars in front of the pad) and for its second time out he wanted to take it for a spin thru the local canyon. We gathered some of the crew and made our way over to Cars & Coffee. Aside from the GoPro incident, which tuned out okay as well – it was a pretty mellow and fun cruise.

Getting gas with the guys before the run…with us: Ferrari F12, Ferrari F430 (2), 430 Spyder, 360 Challenge Stradale, Boxster S, ///M3 and Audi R8.

After the run, I had my friend drive my car so I could take some candids on the way to breakfast.



10 years old and this thing is still sexy.

Monster on the move…I REALLY tried to give some distance between my car and the F12 whenever I could (entering and exiting turns) but it makes up ground soooo fast…and he wasn’t even trying LOL.

Rod’s F430 aka the instigator LOL.

Mel’s Stradale on the move.

Stopped at the light.

I don’t have much video of the Canyon Run…which I’m willing to post LOL. But will try and edit what tomorrow and post it up. Thanks for checking in!

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