Cars & Coffee…oh wait, Geneva Auto Salon: A closer look.

I’d normally be at Cars & Coffee on an early Saturday AM, but as you know I’m in Geneva… Cars & Coffee Irvine meanwhile had a 918, Singer, F50 and my boy Alex/Sharky’s GT3RS show up – of course the one weekend I’m away LOL. The usual suspects were all there so I’m sure I’ll have content as needed. After a $7.50 USD Carmel Machiatto (yeah, I finally figured out the exchange rate), I made my way back to the busiest day of the Autosalon apparently! It was CRAZY. I metup quickly with a friend from London, then – since Joe was still knocked out in the room, found myself wandering thru “Old” Geneve and checking out the famous fountain and a bunch of fancy watch stores. It worked out well since I had an opportunity to drop Chase sticker #2 next to this giant water fountain that Geneva is known for…

There you go buddy – across from the 2 ladies statue facing the fountain. While you’re there, pickup a watch for your good ol’ Dad across the street!!

After walking back, I scooped up Joe and we headed to the Autosalon.

Panorama shot of the Ruf booth which we made our home base for the 3 days we stayed.

Front of the CTR3 – I believe only 24 of these are in existence…RARE.

Closer look at the Koenigsegg One:1

Carbon Fiber Aero splitter, after splitter, after splitter.

I believe that speedo said 450KPH….that’s 279MPH. YIKES.

The One:1’s little bro – the Agera S

Almost completely skipped the Bugatti booth! They’re really trying to sell this last run of Vitesse’s – they won’t even think about a new model until these are all sold out. This one reminded me of Tilikum, have you seen Blackfish? UGH. Go watch it…then be bummed out LOL.

McLaren really has done well with the 650S and the P1 – great product planning and design IMO.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of aftermarket – but even I wouldn’t mess with the P1.

One we should have here – the mighty Audi RS6 Avant

Wagons are insanely popular in Europe, as most of their cars actually get “used”.

Lamborghini Huracan – Hurry Can I buy one?

The Lambo guys getting a shoot in as the show closes…

That’s it for now, it’s pretty much GO GO Gadget from here on out so I’ll update when I can.

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