what got you into cars?

One memory that sticks out to me is going to the Long Beach street races for the first time with some friends. I wasn’t driving yet so I was prob 15 and I remember driving there in a friends mini truck (full wall of speakers) and seeing the EQ light up, music blasting and sitting on this dark corporate street as these cars came blasting by. This was probably a good 15 years before “The Fast and Furious” came out, but it was sort of that kind of scene…just more ghetto. LOL.

How many cars have you owned?

Not up to date but…

what’s the fastest you’ve driven?

German Autobahn, 2014 - Germany to Italy - somewhere in the 240KPH range, sustained.

US - 73 Freeway North - Speedo was pegged in my E46 ///M3, but we all know those are optimistic :)


Who’s your favorite superhero?

IronMan. Not just because I owned an R8, but his overall attitude towards life. “Following’s not really my style.”

What is your dream car?

Tough one, too many to think of - depends on the situation. But to answer:
Hypercar - McLaren F1 LM 
Bespoke Hypercar - Pagani Zonda
Analog Hypercar - Carrera GT
JDM - Honda Civic EF or CRX Si - Slammed on SSR Supermesh, SuperFins or Gales. Mugen exhaust.
American - NONE. Maybe new Ford GT if you forced me. Raptor too.

What do you do for a living?

IT guy by trait, but aspiring writer, entrepreneur, race car driver, Dad, husband, friend, public speaker, vlogger, toy collector, and Apple evangelist.