New Camera - Who Dis?

I started off with an Olympus 1.3 megapixel camera back in 98-99 (I honestly don’t remember) - it was my first digital camera, it may have been one of the first digital cameras back then. When I met a good friend who was really into photography ( I moved up to a Nikon Coolpix 995, learning the fundamentals of photography along the way.

When I started tUNINGwERKS, we had to start using higher quality cameras, so again I moved up to the Canon 20D - (actually buying and returning a few times because we didn’t have budget LOL) - and that camera lasted a good 6-7 years until being replaced by my current Canon 5D MKII. The investment into Canon glass, accessories etc was a good one, since I shoot on the side and I’ve been able to produce some quality images for the family etc. But as with anything, technology always advances at such a fast rate that eventually it’s time to move on.

So about a week or so before EU19, I decided to pickup a new camera - something with a little more portability, functions and hopefully something that can grow along with the kids as they get older. Video has become more important as well, so I wanted a camera with 4K video functionality..

Be sure to subscribe and click that like button! LOL.

Be sure to subscribe and click that like button! LOL.

After some research (I’m not one to research the hell out of anything, I’m more of a hands on guy) I decided to make the jump to Sony. I had seen so many friends move over to the Alpha line (some professionals, some not) -and with a combination of picture quality, portability and build quality - I had to give it a try.

Note: I literally got this camera 48 hours before we left for Europe, so I had no experience with it - not a very good idea in hindsight.


where’s the mirror?

APS-C / Mirrorless / Compact - gotta be good for travel right?

I’ll leave the technical details to a search on youtube/google - but if you’re asking me what a good all around camera to purchase would be for the enthusiast photographer/videographer - this would be up there.

Back in 2014, I lugged around my Canon 5KMKII, 2 lenses, a flash, vertical grip and 2 batteries all around Europe. That wasn’t going to happen this go around. (I did use the same bag however, only about 15 lbs lighter)

Not bad for a kit lens and the first time really using it…

Not bad for a kit lens and the first time really using it…

The included 18-135 kit-lens is a bit too telephoto for me (I personally like wide lenses) but for a trip like this it worked out great. For vlogging, I would def suggest a wider lens, unless you have super long arms LOL. It took me a while to get used to the location of certain functions, but now 2 months in - I’m finally getting used to it. Nothing like learning on the fly.

I do love the portability most, it’s a bit small in my hands but I’ve gotten used to that (no pun intended) THE BODY OF THE CAMERA people!! I also like having a digital viewfinder (is that what it’s called? ) brings me back to my coolpix days, easy to get those low angle shots that you’d otherwise be lying on the ground for. Man, in the early 2000’s I thought a great shot was low to the ground at a hard angle LOL…ahh the good ol’ days.

I did take a handful of video on the trip as well, hoping to get that edited and up on Youtube shortly. Stay tuned…

Albert Roxas