Cars & Coffee 1.12.13

It’s been FREEZING here in SoCal as of late and last Saturday was no exception, please excuse the lighting and the shots – my hands were sincerely shaking as I was taking most of them haha. Luckily the second straight week of crazy cold weather didn’t keep the cars coming out in masses.

Speaking of masses…checkout this row of new F10 ///M5’s. Someone remarked that it looked like a dealership LOL. You’d think they had some crazy lease deal going on with the amount I’ve seen as of late. (I checked, they don’t hahaha)

Saw this beauty amongst the sea of F10’s…E39 ///M5 OG classic on some Hamann PG1’s…WHAT? Keepin it oldschool. because olds cool. Alpine white too +1!

Please Please Please someone make a bodykit for an Accord Coupe so I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks Veilside could pull this ish off? The MBZ Black Series C-Coupe is cool and all (limited blah, specs blah, etc) but it looks too eerily similar to an Accord to be cool in my book. Don’t be upset BS fans, you can say my car looks like a TT and I still won’t care. POWERED BY HONDA.

No BS here. Just a Balboni 550-2 for ya. For those that whine that AWD is not pure and you should manually row through gears, get one of these. Available in 2WD and Manual! Black works with the gold and white stripe.

Gulf McLaren MP4-12C, cool if you’re into the heritage thing.

AW for you…roof gone, george jefferson.

Orange seems to work for me on the MP4-12C Spyder or maybe this is just the first pic with decent lighting LOL.

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for SW20’s…I’ll also never forget that special place where my SW20 left me stranded on State College back in the day LOL.

Makes me want to watch some Initial D. 🙂

Thanks for reading. BTW, the featured image this week is my buddies new Challenge Stradale that he picked up last weekend, was getting clear bra’d so I only got a few shots.

New Year – new updates…C&C 1.5.13

2012 was a blur and I really really lagged on updates towards the end there – I know it and for those of you still coming to visit, I sincerely appreciate it! Here’s the latest batch of pics from the 1st C&C of the new year, a pretty chilly 38 degrees when I headed out this AM.

There ain’t no future if you’re freezin…

Sick F40 – the original street legal track car.

Quite the lineup – F40, Aston Martin Vantage and Lamborghini LP560-4

Orange crush.

Vader, Boba Fett and the Emperor.

Blacked out Aston – change those wheels homie.

Storm Trooper.

C3PO on some Novitecs.

May the force be with you.

Flood of content coming…

Just in time for 12.12.12 LOL. Things have been so hectic, hopefully you’re catching some stuff off my facebook or instagram. One of the best things about running a blog is the people you meet. If you remember a previous post of mine regarding the 1:18 R8 LMS 24 Hour Nurburgring car my buddy brought back for me, not only did I see the actual car at SEMA – but a reader from the UK was kind enough to send me some pics he took on his cell while at the Nurburgring for the VLN race…thanks Mike!! Pics below, as you guys know – I have a soft spot for R8’s LOL.

I gotta get out to the Ring before they close that sucker down…more to come, stay tuned.

SEMA 2012 – Part 1

Might as well call it the FR-S/BRZ Show as we all knew what was coming. Pretty much every tuner was gonna bring one out, after all – it’s the Acura Integra of the new generation…tuner friendly, affordable and great looking. I was told this car was “given” to Scion from Toyota to save the brand, as they were getting smoked in that market segment – well, it most definitely saved it and then some according to the response from the aftermarket. I won’t be heavy on the FR-S/BRZ stuff since that’s not my target demographic, I’m sure there are pics all over the web for the ones at the show – I’m going to focus on what I thought was particularly cool since that’s why you’re visiting anyways right? I’ll try not to hurt too many feelings. LOL. Here we go:

Ben Sopra GTR – Fatlace
Nuts. Sincerely. Jon Sibal and I were sitting on the stairs at the end of Day 1, talking about the industry – the cars we’ve seen, how maybe I’m getting old and just don’t know what’s “cool” anymore LOL, and this thing. The kit is so aggressive, it’s awesome. Let’s be honest, the GTR is not a thing of beauty – it’s a technological wunderkind. It’s crazy fast, but that’s not always what you’re looking for right? I mean… It’s the girl at the dance that’s booty shaking in the center of the circle, she gets a lot of attention but she’s not the best looking one there. Okay, lemme think of a better way to put that…the GTR is like Chik Fil A, great quality fast food, but it’s still fast food in the end…um, well – you get the point I think. The Ben Sopra kit makes the GTR more of the Godzilla namesake it goes after – it matches the horsepower, it makes it cool – I just can’t quite explain it. What’s more straight race than a full front end that flips up to reveal the motor? I have a lot of friends with GTR’s so don’t get offended, I’m sure they aren’t LOL.

SLR Racecar – Kendra
All I know about this company is that 1. I can’t erase the thought of the ditsy 3rd girl next door from Playboy’s name and 2. I’ve never seen any other marketing from Kendra outside of SEMA. They did bring out one sick car though LOL.

Liberty Walk Murcielago – Toyo Tires
A travesty to purists everywhere I’m sure, I found this car to be crazy enough to pull it off IMO. First off, you gotta know Liberty Walk’s style to understand the concept – air ride to get the lowest possible look, aggressive (insanely) bodywork and exclusivity, let’s face it – it’s not for everyone. Taking a page (perhaps) from RWB, Rocketbunny and the like – screw-on fenders gave the body that swollen raced out flare, an LP670 themed wing and aggressive sideskirts and front lip. Machine finished look via wrap and you’ve got a very urban looking italian with japanese tuning masterpiece.


Ferrari 458 – Vossen
Of all the Florida wheel makers (*cough*cough) there’s one that seems to be able to stay out of the bad press and just build wheels. Gotta give em credit for that alone, not to mention slick and clean marketing (no BS, no hype) and an overall clean aesthetic. Granted they may not be the lightest or most technically engineered wheels out there, but they don’t front like they are either, which is more than I can say about others. They just quietly hold down their own and produce good looking wheels. Honest opinion, I don’t even know these dudes and I know my fair share of people in the industry LOL. Keep doing your thing Vossen.

MBZ Black Series C/Coupe – Vossen
Sinister and you gotta love the bronze/gold on the matte black. Nothing else to say.

Porsche 997.1 GT3 – Carbon Revolution
Believe this is Bill from RennWorx (if you guys remember them) latest company. True CF from what I’ve seen and been told, complete CF as well. Will be interesting to see how well these hold up and the competitions reaction to them, Dymag has been long gone and there are VERY few companies if any producing full CF wheels that I’d be willing to rock on my personal car. HRE just recently re-released a CF setup so 2013 should be real interesting. Send me a set for my project Bill LOL!


R8GT / Underground Racing – Nitto Tires
Yeah, short of a Heffner kit, these are the 2 companies that have a monopoly on the insane market of twin turbo-ing Gallardo’s and R8’s LOL. Underground is the household name, Heffner is the originator. Lots of great stories on each. Interesting that this R8GT was missing the wing…assuming it was an R8GT of course and not pieced together, I just couldn’t imagine someone spending the money on upgrading a V10 with some of the GT parts…then again, I can’t imagine someone willing to twin turbo a GT at all LOL. Next level stuff right there – chuch.

Front 3/4

If you look closely – this guy is rocking the HRE CF lips, interesting!

Ferrari 458 Racecar – Continental
Yeah, nothing like bringing out a full racecar LOL. This one is for you Tony…time to scoop up that Scuderia to show Ernie wassup.

Caractere 991 – CEC
Usually known for their Audi kits, was cool to see this 991 outfitted in the CEC booth. Front was really aggressive, but the sides and rear didn’t really flow for me personally.

AMF Wheels – R8 Spyder
Okay, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought this – but I could swear AMF was a bowling company…right?!? LOL. They’re a division of Ace Alloy (most of you guys probably know ACE) – apparently these go by AMF Forged, again – not bad designs, nice clean setup. Nice car 🙂 LOL! Oh and I’m sure you drinkers also know what AMF stands for LOL.

More to come in Part 2.

Cars & Coffee 10.20.12

A few quick shots from the wet weekend (about time we had some cool weather LOL!)

Paul and his mean 997.1 GT3 track car leaving C&C

Heffner Twin Turbo Gallardo on some Rotiforms…

Really clean ///M3 coupe on BBS F1’s with some nice Brembo’s peeking.

Aston Martin Music…

Gotta love an owner willing to drive his Ferrari GTO in the rain.

RJ and Marilyn leaving for the day.

All in all, not a bad turnout considering the weather…time for me to wash my car, it’s filthy LOL.

Sunday Drivers…

Don’t you hate Sunday Drivers? LOL. My buddy hit me up to take the 458 Spyder for a spin since he’s been busy. Impromptu shoot in the middle of a quick drive before breakfast. Car is simply amazing – never thought I’d be so up on a vert.

Also took a shot with the iPhone 5 Panorama feature, damn impressive considering I sized this down over 50%…click the image to see what 50% of the file looks like LOL…keep scrolling. If you look closely you’ll catch the GoPro attached to the R8 LOL.

Speaking of GoPro’s, the live view app for the wifi-bacpac finally came out (was supposed to be released in August!) – had an opportunity to test it out on the run. Slight delay but overall cool beans IMO.

Quick shot of the rearview – this car covers ground pretty damn fast LOL.

I’m sure you can guess where we ended up for breakfast LOL – holla if you ever want to meetup for a casual Sunday drive!

Audi R8 LMS 24 HR Nurburgring 1:18

I’m a fiend for high-end diecast models – actually, all diecast models to be honest. Anytime there’s something cool in 1:18 I always justify it by stating it’s cheaper than buying the real car LOL. A good friend of mine who was just at the Paris Autoshow brought me back a gift that it definitely one of the sickest ones in my collection now:

Excuse the poor pics, was excited as I was opening it up LOL.

Official Audi 🙂

Gotta love presentation like this…

Replica of the real deal…

Some cool coincidences here if you know me…BumbleR8? LOL.

Thanks again AW! Wendy also says thanks for the awesome HK Laudree!

Bonus: GoPro HD2 Hero wifi-bacpac app FINALLY went live (I bought it in July?) – about time! 

C&C 9.29.12

Finally had an opportunity to see the homie RJ’s new ride – keeping it classy/GT style with a Maserati MC-Stradale! Such a striking car that you don’t see too often. Seats 4, Grand Tourer with a splash Stradale for the Ferrari Tifosi. Lots of great quality CF. Plus, you gotta love that long front end…


Black and White goodness.

Nice Rear lip CF spoiler

MCStradale Logos properly placed on all optional parts on the car.

Interior clad in CF and amazing leather. Interesting note – checkout those long paddle extensions, a lot of Ferrari 430 owners have purchased these and used them to extend their paddles 🙂 Gotta love the Fiat/Maserati parts bin 🙂

Caught this badboy as it was rolling out, Underground Racing LP Spyder…in case you don’t know, Underground builds twin turbo kits…YOWSERS.

Sweet, clean 356 – love these old school Porsches.

As SEMA draws near I’ll either have more content to throw up or be too busy to post LOL, stay tuned 🙂

It runs in the family…Father and Son.

I’ve known the Dentice’s for awhile now – we were all part of the Porsche 6speed community over 8 years ago and they’re still going strong with Larry’s Audi R8 V10 and Paul’s fully track prepped GT3. Sincerely two of the nicest people in the community, always willing to share their tuning experiences and car knowledge. Could you imagine trying to battle these guys in any Father and Son contest LOL? I hope that one day when the time comes I can share the same passion with my son/daughter…but my car would have to be faster LOL.

Paul’s been thru a few track prep’d vehicles, prior to the GT3 – he was rocking a JDM Nissan Silvia S15. Great to see someone who really uses their car to its potential. You gotta love the fact that he drives his car to the track, towing his track setup along with him – gangster. Pics of the GT3 towing are courtesy of my homie Alex.

PS: I shot the R8/GT3 combo via Panorama mode on the iPhone 5. Sized this sucker down (original size was over 7K pixels wide LOL) – pretty cool feature…

3rd times the charm. 458 Spyder / Novitec Goodness / RStrada

This is 458 #3 for my buddy LOL. You may remember his first 458, one of the first delivered in the US about 2 years ago (featured here), changed colors for #2, and for #3 he went “brains blown out, head chopped off, top like a toupe’ ” or whatever the hip hop analogy is for a vert now LOL.

IMO it’s more of a Targa, which is awesome since you get that open air feeling but keep the aggressive sportiness of a coupe. Scuderia Ferrari engineered the style and function of the top VERY WELL, in some ways -with the top up, it seems MORE aggressive with the hard 3/4 window IMO. Glass rear window is a bit of a treat as well.

Closed up.

All 458’s come off the factory line with a bit of a 4×4 look – practical, but not very aesthetically pleasing. With car #3 the front lift option was checked so that made the decision a bit easier to mod. The car is lowered on Novitec Springs (comes factory with coilovers, but Novitec’s are designed to provide the same performance, but with a lower stance) along with Novitec Spacers – provided by RStrada.

The car is pretty much optioned to the hilt, deviated stitching, full CF, front lift, rear backup cam, sat/nav- the list goes on. Of all the 458’s, I’d suspect this one to be his favorite (it’s most definitely mine.) The car is featured as member car of the month for October over at, be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!