CGT Dreams…

It was so realistic…I had the keys in my hand, couldn’t believe I had picked one up. So surreal. Amazingly enough, I don’t dream about cars much. I actually don’t dream much in general…it’s about living the dream right? Speaking of living the dream a quick shot of the homie Eric’s custom CGT. So ill.

SMART Shopping…

Yes, my automotive ADD was at an all time high this past weekend…all because I got a flat tire. So fickle, I know…so after I passed on the Exige S because of the “comfort” I’d miss, I had convinced myself that what I really need is another “toy” car like my old Scion xB that my nephew is now cruising in. Cheap, easy on gas, fun to modify, but not a real barn burner. Maybe it’d make me appreciate my CLS more (which I figured I’d rebuild) and move it to a more friday/weekend status driver. I’ve loved the look of the SMART since I saw one in Munich¬† during a business trip way back in 2000 (I may even have a pic of me with it) . I figure I’ll pickup a white one, pay it off by the end of the year, get rid of the CLS, pickup a gallardo and voila – I’m set for the next year or so. LOL. Needless to say, these cars are actually still pretty hard to come by. My bro had a $99 reservation which he passed on a month ago, but at the time I wasn’t really into buying one…and of course now, I want one. Hoping to pickup a white one if anybody has leads – I’ve made a few calls, let’s see what happens,¬† my urge to buy something is slowly diminishing.

Exige S shopping…

So on a whim (because the tires I need aren’t available until July) – I decided to start looking at Exiges…makes perfect sense to me, Flat tire + tire not in stock = New Exige. LOL. The guys over at Newport Lotus were awesome, stayed late on Saturday to allow me to checkout inventory. Great looking car, pure performance – but could I really live with this thing daily? You should have seen me trying to get in and out of the thing…and I’m not a very tall dude. The interior is spartan…which I knew ahead of time, but didn’t think I’d miss. Driving back home in the CLS was a real eye opener, maybe I’ve gotten too accustomed to bluetooth/ventilated seats and full leather…damn the 16 year old Albert that rocked a civic with no air-conditioning would not be happy with me.

Nailed it!

uggh…one of my buddies says the car “knows” when you’re not taking care of it and responds accordingly. GREAT. I better have it detailed once it gets some new shoes. Was really trying to hold off till I could just trade the sucker in dammit. Pics from my Blackberry.

Sexy can I…?

New Aston Martin DBS at Cars & Coffee today…would have liked to see it in a traditional Spruce Green or Grey color since black hides the lines – still sexy. 007 approves.

997 GT2 Goodness

Just found out that my homie Tyson just picked up the new 997GT2. This is sooo him…hardcore legit racer, he’s the epitome of a true Porsche enthusiast – owner of 996 GT2 and GT3’s as well (both black as well)…congrats man – great car.

Luxury Defined.

There is just something inherently pimp about this car (pimp in a good way) – so ballerific. Solid, luxurious – to date the BGT is the most solid feeling car I’ve driven.

Some nice wheels on a Diamond Series…

LP560-4 Preview.

Had an opportunity to checkout the new Gallardo replacement – the LP560-4

Facelift is not nearly as drastic in person as it is in pics – I actually don’t like the back as much since it seems to thin out the rear-end. I also miss the rear grills. Technology bump is amazing with the new S-gear. Also got some great info and feedback on the e-gear transmission in the 04-07’s.

No pics since it was a factory vehicle and not a press mule…