C&C 8.24.13

Officially the last Cars & Coffee for me before my son arrived! He was due on 8/24 but I had a conversation with him and explained I was VERY busy on Saturday so I needed him to wait until Sunday LOL…

Nice track prepped E92 ///M3

Engine bay of the Marlboro themed McLaren MP4-12C from McLaren NPB

A friend of mine just scooped this – a very cool 360 Spyder with 16M stripe, CF mirrors, OEM Race seats and monoblock wheels, exhaust is full capristo 3 and capristo test pipes.

Nice CLS63 dumped on some Rotiforms I believe? Made me miss my CLS, he was putting a stroller into the trunk too – the irony!

Mean 997.2 GT3

I also hit the LTMW Liberty Walk meet but that will be posted on drivingline – be sure to check it out…

Oh and this guy came at 5:15AM on Sunday morning…he already listens to his Dad LOL!

C&C 8.12.13

It’s the last C&C before Monterey (no C&C Monterey weekend) and traditionally it’s pretty light cars-wise, as a result so are my pics LOL…but hey, I’ve been updating more right? 🙂 Have a great week.

Caught this guy on the way out – believe that’s a DMC kit. If you can’t wait for the Aventador SV…

Saudi Plates? Not sure to be honest, I’m sure this beast will be at Concorso.

Been seeing less and less of these, particularly with the full track pack.

Yep, that’s it! I’m on babywatch 2013 so I’ll post what I can LOL. 12 days!!!

The next best thing? Vorsteiner’s McLaren MP4-VX

Vorsteiner held a private pre-release party of their latest creation the McLaren MP4-VX at their Orange County studios last night and I had the opportunity to swing by and take a look. It’s always fun to go to these more cozy events because it’s usually a small group of people I actually know LOL. The usual suspects were there and it was good catching up with some old friends as well.
This was the first event I believe at their renovated studio which looks great – amazing aesthetic, but man they gotta fix that driveway LOL. Although they had valet, a few of us opted for the street because there was no way we’d make it without killing our front bumper…oh hey, maybe that’s part of the marketing plan, lose a bumper leaving and buy one available? (Kidding Peter)

They had 2 completed MP4-VX ready for the unveiling – Orange under this one.

McLaren NB brought along a silver stock MP4-12C for comparison…

and…there she is! Funny because the last time I was at an event and a car was unveiled this way I couldn’t take pics – it was my niece pulling the cover off of the pre-production Aventador (true story LOL).

Say cheese!


My buddy Jeffrey’s car was outside – white is right.

Butterfly collar.

Carbon undies.

Feedback was great for the event and car itself, the most common comment was “mini-p1” which makes sense with all the P1 inspired design. Since only 375 examples of the mighty P1 will be available, this is your next best opportunity – albeit a much cheaper one as well.

Oh, obligatory photo of me in the P1 LOL.

Have a great weekend – see, I’ve been posting more LOL.

C&C 8.3.13 + Lamborghini Newport Beach Show

Now that I’m at Defcon 3 (19 days till the boy is scheduled to arrive) you might notice more active and quicker posting LOL. Here’s a few notables from Saturdays action:

Clean 964 on BBS RS – looks excellent. Perfect height.

Liberty Walk E92 ///M3 brought out by Chris from MFest. Thanks for introducing yourself! Amazing that we haven’t met before this.

The feedback and popularity of this kit reminds me of the E46 PGT kit back in the day (so sad, I feel old) – really gives the ///M3 an aggressive rough look.

Chris chucking up the deuces on the way out.

At Lambo Newport Beach…

**NOTE** If you happen to know the foolios who burned out on Baker in the Camaro (barf already) and E60 ///M5 please tell them to punch themselves in the face. They’re going to stop this show because of you idiots.
If you happen to know the Post office guy who rev’d the entire crowd, buy him a beer. I wish I had video of that.

“If I had wings I would fly, let me contemplate…”

BTTF – I rarely see these painted, pretty cool.

Sinister black MP4-12C with the ultra light weight wheel option.

Black Scuderia – lots of Ferrari’s at the Lambo meet, nice to see but makes sense because it wasn’t raining (inside joke – ROD)

That’s it for now, I still have a bunch of content from the Pixar Motorama and some awesome Koenigsegg stuff that I hope to get up this week. Hope you guys have a great week.

Zoom Zoom

Considering that Cars & Coffee is held in the Mazda/Taco Bell parking lot – it’s surprising we haven’t seen more of the amazing race cars that Mazda brings out for 7Stock…they did however bring the 787 out to play for last Saturday’s C&C, I even got some video of it rev’ing on my FB!

As you can see, it caused quite the ruckus.

There was a fundraising table setup as well…

Put your hands in the air!

Wide and Low.

Engine Lid


Interesting note and if anyone knows why – hit me on email. Rear wheels were Volk.

But fronts were BBS? There’s gotta be a reason.

Caught this 458 on aftermarket wheels driving out…Nice plate – just like life: NO EXCUSES!!

C&C 6.13.13- BTTF

Every time I see a Delorean at C&C, I always start singing “Tell me Doctor, where are we going this time?” (Huey Lewis) and my buddy Phil always laughs (because he’s nice) LOL – hey, it’s either that or I scream “1.21 gigawatts!” Anyways, one of the Back To The Future (BTTF for those in the know) DeLorean’s showed up at C&C last Saturday! The detail was amazing down to Flux Capacitor and Mr. Fusion Blender thing. Pretty sweet for those of us that grew up during the BTTF trilogy.


Love that license plate, scary to think we’re only 2 years away…

Quite possibly the most well known dash ever 😉

Flux Capacitor and peep that JVC (VHS-C?) Camcorder…

Mr. Fusion! No need for Plutonium anymore.

Best plate ever and the infamous almanac.

Christine was there too!! Another great “Car” movie…so evil!

599 Bros…Big Bro GTO and Lil Bro GTB

My buddy Mel with this CS and with his Ferrari friends.

Not sure if they planned this but it worked 😉

Lightweight FCar or…F*CKR LOL!! (inside joke)

A rare 997 Turbo and C&C 5.18.13

I’m just going to dump it all right here. 🙂

Looks like your typical 997TT right?

Look closer, this is the 918 spyder edition. Caught this at C&C 2 weekends ago.

Yep, this is the 997TT you get for “free” when you buy a 918 Spyder. This is basically part of the package to hold you over until the 918 hits production, which is incidentally 9/18/13 of this year. I was invited to one of the track day events for the 918 spyder release but haven’t been inclined to post pics since I had to sign a nice little NDA.

This is your typical highly equipped 997TT with PDK, along with Acid Green accents (the 918 is all about Acid Green) – checkout the alcantara seats with custom embroidery.

Acid Green…everywhere. Not that I’m complaining.

I’ll eventually post more on the 918…I promise.

Caught this old schooler in the C&C parking structure, will always have a special place in my heart for cars I used to own.

Checkout that kaminari kit, HKS exhaust and SSR Decoltes! I used to hate it when my T-tops would leak LOL.

From 5.18.13 – nice track inspired 993

I’ve posted this before but it’s worth another mention, odd to see a somewhat “stanced” Lamborghini Superleggera

Until you see that it’s heffner twin turbo’d LOL. I ain’t talkin trash to this dude about his offset/wheel fitment.

Speaking of offset/wheel fitment, the marines brought out this monster. It’s apparently the hummer replacement – “fits” in one parking spot too LOL.

Saw my longtime homie and founding member of #teamhotness (inside joke) Jon Sibal. He has his own action figure which makes total sense since he is legendary, aside from being the only asian dude I know that could pull of a “cool” american car…and you know how I feel about american cars LOL.

Micro Sibal sitting on big willy’s mirror.

Another car that’s been on the blog before – 997C2 with 997.2 GT3 wing sitting on Work Meisters. This guy changes up the car a lot, always has good taste in mods. Not sure how I feel about the color on the wheels (preferred them silver personally) – props for always evolving though!

Really feeling the Platinum Motorsports Audi A8L. If I could only get my wife to slow down for dips I could swap out the SUV with one of these, would be the perfect baby hauler too…so comfy LOL.

Live from the Ring – Zurich 24 Hour Race

Yeah, it’s been forever. But I finally have an update and it’s a good one. One of my good friends is sending me live updates and pics from the Nurburgring!! I gotta get to this place before they shut it down…but in the meantime, this will have to do. THANKS AW!!

I want one of these to greet people in my house LOL.

Of course he finds me something I should buy for the baby LOL.

Let’s start with Audi of course:

Best wagon ever, hands down. Too bad we don’t get em here.

Imagine dropping off the kids in this badboy!

Deadly from every angle.

Safety Car

Downforce for days.

The new R8 V10-Plus is onsite.

Audi R8 TopService

Strictly business


The whole crew LOL. These guys are stuntin on TeamSGA.

MBZ was there too:

Black Series this.

Would love to roll into service at Fletcher Jones in this – Free Car wash!!

Or this…

Hmm…no bluetooth or heated seats.

Yeah, they have a crew too LOL.

Let’s not forget the Porsches


and this super badass golf cart GT3.


and GTR’s

and 458’s

and LFA’s

and track shots – I’ll just shut up now.




I’ll update as more pics come available.

C&C 2.2.13 and 2.9.13

A quick note of thanks to everyone who has reached out to me regarding the passing of my Dad – it means a lot, and hopefully I didn’t miss responding to each of you personally. Everyday is a challenge, somedays it’s like he’s still here and others I miss him so much. It comes in waves, but I know he’s pushing me to keep moving so here we go:


Nice all white GT3RS 4.0 – must be a pain to keep those wheels clean LOL.

Good attempt at a black/red combo although I think the vents and wheel pinstriping is a bit much.

Love this color combo on the 996 GT3RS – classic (was only 8 years ago? LOL) – silver/black and white/blue would be my other choices…

Two nice Scuderia’s tucked away in the back corner.

White Vantage V12 – vents galore.

Platinum Motorsports #PLM brought out this sick 599GTB on mesh wheels – works great IMO.

Apparently a blonde girl brought this in and cause a bit of a scene (I missed it) – Aventador in Nero Aldebaran? ILL.

Loved the sticker on the windshield (NOTGARAGEQUEEN) LOL. Verde Ithica Performante’ – HULKSMASH!

Another car from the #PML Quickstrike – Matte Green 458 Spyder/Tan interior and CF rear grille. I’m sure most auto enthusiasts are freaking out (especially Ferrari Tifosi) but from a streetwear/fashion perspective, something works about it for me. Not sure if it’s a wrap or not – from what I know about Platinum Motosports, I doubt it’s a wrap. Either way, props for just doing you.

Amazing Rosso Andromeda (formerly Rosso Vik?) Super Trofeo Stradale – this color just pops and really does the STS some justice.

Clean Challenge Stradale – from 2004 and still sexy.

No idea what this was but it was cool – looks like a Zagato design but honestly, I just snapped a shot on the way back to the car.


Nic and the boyz from eGarage brought out their RWB 993 widebody…love it…like teenage girls love the biebs.

Move over if you see this in your rearview…

Yellow Scuderia for sale!

Nice license plate…apparently this ///M5 has actually been on the Nurburgring from what I read on M5post. Legit. So many //M5’s as of late at C&C. Fix those tips!

DUMPED Audi A4 avant on accuair…looks good.

Awesome touring style JDM Civic – J’s racing goodness (Jay/JDMEGO this is for you) – also, my buddy will mentioned “IP MAN” on the license plate is some cool Karate movie dude…ok!

Awesome jet black CGT that is DRIVEN. Targa Trophy graphics – looks like a car that actually gets some real driving time…+1 on cool factor.

I spared taking an entire pic of the car that was rocking this – so confusing…definitely not OEM…checkout this 991 wheel with centerlock…CAP. Ugh. I always say to each his own and sincerely, who am I to judge but DUDE!!! COME ON MAN.

Till next time…

C&C 1.19.13 / Rollin’ with the homies

Great turnout at C&C today and TEAM SGA got together again to checkout our buddies new Challenge Stradale in person. Since the BAC Mono was going to make a showing I pretty much knew it’d be impossible to get a spot inside, particularly with the crew since none of us are particularly hell bent on getting up early just to get a spot in the lot LOL.

We all met up at my place and I added another car to the infamous “Cars in front of the pad” gallery on my FB page LOL.

Lot was packed when we arrived, so we opted for the usual structure parking. For some reason 2 spots were left around Steve’s GTR LOL…not sure why – did we fear the all mighty GTR? Well, it lead to a IG picture that SuperStreet posted which worked out haha.

Left to right: 991S, 510, R8, F430, IS300 aka LF-ail, GT3-RS

Other side of same cars

Left to right: 997TT, GT2, CLKBS

R35 – so lonely. For you blog regulars, you know I have to “troop” anyone that looks straight into the camera LOL. Hi Larry!!!

52K likes, we don’t think you’re so lonely LOL.

Pretty cool Top Secret Porsche based off the 996 platform. Been a minute since I’ve seen this and they’ve cleaned it up a lot – looking great.

The BAC Mono, pretty much what everyone came out to see – comes in pieces from the UK and assembled here by Sector 111, known primarily for their Lotus aftermarket parts. What does all this mean? Well, you can drive it on the streets here to your local SBUX drivethru LOL…flip up your helmet visor and order your Venti carmel frap extra whip.

Another angle…1 seater only.

Short of the KTM Crossbow, what’s cooler than this to drive on the streets? Straight F1 steez for the street.

White LFA…White is RIGHT.

IF Lexus could’ve built these in the GTR price-range somehow I’m sure they would’ve sold more of em’ LOL.

Aha! It’s my buddies CS!! LOL, he left early just so he could get in the lot…looks great, no surprise here.

Silver CS with stripe…aye carumba, looks sick.

On the way one of the guys pointed out this clean E36 ///M3 on Equips!! Those of you who know me remember my relationship with Work wheels since 01′ so I was immediately intrigued to see such an old school set – I didn’t even realize there was someone in the car LOL!! Sorry for the paparazzi action, I didn’t even notice till I was editing…great car though 🙂

Since we were rollin pretty deep and parking at Lee’s can get gnarly after 9AM, I succumbed to peer pressure and we ate at Mimis LOL.

Miki’s 510 is one of my favs…we lovingly call it the Turtle. License plate is 13BKAME LOL. Don’t race him LOL.

Not just cars, bikes too – he’s Bella, with BJ’s Diavel behind and Bert’s Honda Graffiti.

Another angle.

Quick vid from the day as well – make sure you watch it in HD 🙂