Cars & Coffee…oh wait, Geneva Auto Salon: A closer look.

I’d normally be at Cars & Coffee on an early Saturday AM, but as you know I’m in Geneva… Cars & Coffee Irvine meanwhile had a 918, Singer, F50 and my boy Alex/Sharky’s GT3RS show up – of course the one weekend I’m away LOL. The usual suspects were all there so I’m sure I’ll have content as needed. After a $7.50 USD Carmel Machiatto (yeah, I finally figured out the exchange rate), I made my way back to the busiest day of the Autosalon apparently! It was CRAZY. I metup quickly with a friend from London, then – since Joe was still knocked out in the room, found myself wandering thru “Old” Geneve and checking out the famous fountain and a bunch of fancy watch stores. It worked out well since I had an opportunity to drop Chase sticker #2 next to this giant water fountain that Geneva is known for…

There you go buddy – across from the 2 ladies statue facing the fountain. While you’re there, pickup a watch for your good ol’ Dad across the street!!

After walking back, I scooped up Joe and we headed to the Autosalon.

Panorama shot of the Ruf booth which we made our home base for the 3 days we stayed.

Front of the CTR3 – I believe only 24 of these are in existence…RARE.

Closer look at the Koenigsegg One:1

Carbon Fiber Aero splitter, after splitter, after splitter.

I believe that speedo said 450KPH….that’s 279MPH. YIKES.

The One:1’s little bro – the Agera S

Almost completely skipped the Bugatti booth! They’re really trying to sell this last run of Vitesse’s – they won’t even think about a new model until these are all sold out. This one reminded me of Tilikum, have you seen Blackfish? UGH. Go watch it…then be bummed out LOL.

McLaren really has done well with the 650S and the P1 – great product planning and design IMO.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of aftermarket – but even I wouldn’t mess with the P1.

One we should have here – the mighty Audi RS6 Avant

Wagons are insanely popular in Europe, as most of their cars actually get “used”.

Lamborghini Huracan – Hurry Can I buy one?

The Lambo guys getting a shoot in as the show closes…

That’s it for now, it’s pretty much GO GO Gadget from here on out so I’ll update when I can.

Geneva Auto Salon 2014

As nuts as it sounds, I’m in Geneva. What started out as my buddy AW saying “When we go to Geneva” about a year ago and me saying “yeah, yeah ok…” has turned into this blog post. There’s a longer story behind it which I’m sure I’ll eventually post, but in the meantime – here’s a few pics from the first day.

The new ///M3 is here, my first time seeing it in person – still feels weird to call the sedan the ///M3. Overall a very good looking car, although I feel BMW did over do it a bit with the M logo’s everywhere.

Ferrari 458 Speciale – looks great in grey, rear is sooo high. Def pref this over the blue we saw in BH at launch.

Lamborghini Huracan…so amazing in the taste the rainbow colors. At the preview, we saw a silver one which was a bit anti-climactic but man it just kills in these colors.

Some McLaren P1 love…this car is so over the top yet so perfect in every way.

If you told me I could only own one car for the rest of my life…this would DEFINITELY be in the running.

Also at McLaren, the newly released Speciale fighter – the 650PS spyder. Looks amazing in person – all the right pieces.

FAB Design brought out their MODIFIED P1…yeah, it’s like putting bigger boobs on Kate Upton…I dunno about that (while some of you are screaming yes!). Along with additional Carbon Aero they also added lightweight CF wheels. Crazy and controversial for sure.

Also at FAB Design, a modified Aventador…because if you have the balls to mess with a McLaren P1 – an Aventador ain’t nothin!!!

The last, last, edition of the Zonda supposedly – but what a way to go…Zonda Revolucion.

Not to be outdone, Koenigsegg brought out their ONE:1 – definitely a sneak attack at the show.

Me and the Brabus 700 6×6 G63 battlewagon…some next level SUV action going on here LOL.

Last but not least, a pic of a Chase lego logo sticker at the local Starbucks here in Geneva. He’s just over 6 mos old, but I’m hoping one day he’ll travel to these same spots (I’m going to leave one in each city we visit) with his significant other and take a pic. The sticker may be gone, but the location and memory will still be there! First spot buddy! Geneva Starbucks, second level near the sign!!

More to come, I need to get some rest and adjust to the time…Zzzzz.

A fun run with the homies…

My buddies F12 was recently delivered (cars in front of the pad) and for its second time out he wanted to take it for a spin thru the local canyon. We gathered some of the crew and made our way over to Cars & Coffee. Aside from the GoPro incident, which tuned out okay as well – it was a pretty mellow and fun cruise.

Getting gas with the guys before the run…with us: Ferrari F12, Ferrari F430 (2), 430 Spyder, 360 Challenge Stradale, Boxster S, ///M3 and Audi R8.

After the run, I had my friend drive my car so I could take some candids on the way to breakfast.



10 years old and this thing is still sexy.

Monster on the move…I REALLY tried to give some distance between my car and the F12 whenever I could (entering and exiting turns) but it makes up ground soooo fast…and he wasn’t even trying LOL.

Rod’s F430 aka the instigator LOL.

Mel’s Stradale on the move.

Stopped at the light.

I don’t have much video of the Canyon Run…which I’m willing to post LOL. But will try and edit what tomorrow and post it up. Thanks for checking in!

SEMA 2013 wrap-up 50+ images

Another SEMA has come and gone and man, every year the time seems to go by so much faster! I actually stayed 3 days this year (normally I’m a turn and burn guy) to provide some content for #livefromsema as well as #drivingline, if you haven’t checked it out you can find the articles at the links below:

The turnout was pretty amazing – I’d say the biggest turnout prior to the dip in the economy by far…here’s some shots from my time at the show:

I hit the convention center about an hour before general opening (Media is allowed in half an hour) Since they moved the Media center to the Main hall, I decided to hit that first.

I believe this was the only RS7 at SEMA, at the H&R booth – STATIC. (Static = not on air)

Also at the H&R Booth, Rotiforms 964. I’ve been pretty tough on Rotiform in the past -but their latest offerings are really on point. Checkout that Fuchs style multi-piece.

So much right going on with this car…and yes, STATIC.

H&R also had the latest 4 series (3 series) on some Breytons – there’s a name I haven’t heard in a minute.

From STATIC to AIR, Accuair had an S7 that was crazy dumped on the other corner of the entrance.
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Time to get caught up…

With SEMA around the corner I figured now is as good as a time as any to post up some old content LOL! First off a big congrats to my friends Jay and Karen – they’re getting married!! For those that say “it’s about time” – I always say, somethings are worth the wait!

Be sure to peep out Jay’s FR-S madness here

Aside from that – some pics from the OC Autoshow…yeah, I went with some friends. Hell, it was free – tough to beat!

Some Audi RS7 goodness…yeah, obviously I’ve been paying more attention to the 4-door performance market LOL.

The view most cars will see.

BMW ///M6 Gran Coupe – Singapore Grey…hot.

Mansory Veyron and Aventador Roadster in the Dupont Registry booth

From C&C 10.14.13

First Ferrari F12 to show up at Cars & Coffee – in white too!! Awesome.


Another angle…

Caught a funny convo between some random kid and the kid that happened to be the son of the owner…”is that yours?!?!” SWAG on 100 for the passenger kid. LOL.

The other kid – jaw still dropped.

Lambo Newport Beach Event 10.14.13

LP560-4 Spyder…

Oh my bad, that’s the UGR 1250-4 LOL!!!

GMG’s GT2 – this car is setup for topspeed runs

Safety first kids!

Thats it for now! More “old” updates to come during SEMA week lol!!

Rancho Cucamonga Cars & Coffee

Every time I hear “Rancho Cucamonga” I can’t help but think of the movie “Next Friday” and the fact that it sounds CRAZY far (we pass it on the way to Vegas right?)- So when a buddy asked me if I wanted to roll to an upcoming Cars & Coffee there, I was hesitant at first. I’m literally 7 minutes from Cars & Coffee Irvine (which is why I can make it every Saturday) and this meet was on a Sunday about 50 minutes away. Time is precious (particularly when you have a new baby) but Jeffrey sold it to me as a way to really get some time behind the cars rather than just the quick jump to C&C.

Yeah, seems even far on a map – I’ve got some GoPro footage I’ll put up later on my upcoming youtube channel LOL. Here’s a quick rolling shot of Jeffrey rocking the Vorsteiner 599-VX on our way to the “IE”.

The event was put together by an F-Chat member who I assume was from the IE – I had never been to Victoria Gardens, an outdoor mall off of the 15 (pretty sure it was the 15 we exited lol) with a few decent size parking lots to accommodate an early AM car meet – the only caveat was that they asked everyone to leave by 10AM prior to the shops opening.


Was a nice turnout, much more “cozy” than C&C – which we thought was cool, very grassroots and everyone was chill.

I happened to park next to this sweet F40. The owner and I had actually met before thru a mutual friend, such an amazing car. He also recently picked up an F50 (WHAT!) so sick.

Carseats have caught my eye as of lately (shocker LOL) – love the irony of the fire extinguishing system between the carseat and the driver seat…:) Safety first kids.

Shot of Jeffrey’s 599-VX – Bianco Fuji baby…SO SICK.

Very sweet white 16M with the CF sideskirt option exposed.

Really cool looking Lotus 211 I believe?

Front shot.

Between the R8 and F40

Something for everyone – AE86 and FR-S!

Overall a cool little meet with some nice cars – CNC Exotics (Ontario?) hosted a mini-bbq which we swung by but I sincerely had to get home to the kid so didn’t stay too long. The next event is in Oct. sometime (I believe they’re doing this monthly) so if you happen to be in the IE on an early Sunday AM, might want to check this little gem out 😉

The mother of all C&C’s…Mansory Veyron Vincero, Singer 911, DMC Aventadors, Nissan Juke…

As all 3 readers of this blog know, I’ve been going to Cars & Coffee back when it was Crystal Cove – I’d have to say, this past Saturdays turnout has to be one of the, if not the best, most crowded, highest quality events since its inception. Either that or I was so mesmerized by the high profile cars, I didn’t notice any of the basic stuff in the lot 😉

I was up early than normal thanks to the new kid (Chase) – whom I lovingly call “The Hulk” since you don’t want to make him angry…but secretly, he’s always angry.

Making my way downtown, walking fast fast, faces pass…kidding (you guys remember that song? LOL)- As I walked the usual route towards the lot, I was stopped by the crowd surrounding this.

Yep, we missed it a few weeks back at the Lambo NB event – but not this time. The Mansory Bugatti Veyron Vincero (say that 3 times fast) – fully shrouded in Carbon Fiber goodness.

No detail spared…CF EVERYWHERE.

There was a lot of drool on the floor to say the least.

Truly bespoke, the interior would’ve had even Yeezus singing cuz I ain’t got the money on me right now.

There were a total of 4 Bugatti’s that showed up – so everyone woke up in a new Bugatti last Saturday.

Spencer Berke brought out Symbolic’s Veyron Vitesse – I remember Spence when he was just a kid taking pics of our Porsche’s back in the day. Hard worker, motivator and overall good person, nice to see guys like this do well for themselves.

Next to the Bugs – Nissan 360 brought out a GTR and this little guy.

Reminds me I need to upload the Pixar Motorama pics dammit!

2 yes TWO DMC Aventador’s leaving – AYE CARUMBA.

At this point, I was pretty much spazzing out and couldn’t decide what to take pics of…case in point, my morning convo with RJ and Jon. LOL.

I ran into Jon a few minutes later, here he is taking a pic of the Mansory Veyron Vincero.

Peep this ultra slick Porsche 964 from the guys at Rotiform. Re-barreled BBS RS, custom paint – “Static” (a new word I learned since I’m getting old) = NO AIR, and some fine details like an OEM Porsche Motorsport steering wheel.


Around the corner, just an Aventador Roadster flanked by the guys at McLaren NB – man I love those OEM Dion wheels.

Jon’s infamous Charger…1:1 – more on this later.

Heading back towards the front, this unsuspecting old school Porsche was just chillin.

Nothing crazy here right? People all gawking at the Bugatti’s.

But for those in the know…

It’s a freaking SINGER. I won’t go into the details, but for us bespoke/tuner enthusiasts – this is the end all.

Devil is in the details – and this car has em all.

Quilted engine carpet? CHECK.

More info on what a Singer can be found here. To quote Ferris Bueller – It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

This guy was giving people rides around C&C in his Steam car – so cool!!

After all this epicness, it was topped off by a cool Project my boy Pat had been working on for over a year now…he hit me up to meet him and Jon in the lot across the street.

Jon’s diecast was finished!!!

When Pat embarked on this, we saw all the prototype sketches, etc – but never were really sure it’d see the light of day.

Best of all, there’s Jon’s website on the front windshield – and one of my older projects website on the BACK windshield!!! Time to update A-T!!!

Jon, the most humble guy I know – standing next to 1:1 and the new diecasts. Available in stores soon!!!

It’s been an incredible week – first week of being a new Dad, lots of great cars at C&C and a good friends car becoming a die cast toy!, can’t ask for much more.

C&C 8.24.13

Officially the last Cars & Coffee for me before my son arrived! He was due on 8/24 but I had a conversation with him and explained I was VERY busy on Saturday so I needed him to wait until Sunday LOL…

Nice track prepped E92 ///M3

Engine bay of the Marlboro themed McLaren MP4-12C from McLaren NPB

A friend of mine just scooped this – a very cool 360 Spyder with 16M stripe, CF mirrors, OEM Race seats and monoblock wheels, exhaust is full capristo 3 and capristo test pipes.

Nice CLS63 dumped on some Rotiforms I believe? Made me miss my CLS, he was putting a stroller into the trunk too – the irony!

Mean 997.2 GT3

I also hit the LTMW Liberty Walk meet but that will be posted on drivingline – be sure to check it out…

Oh and this guy came at 5:15AM on Sunday morning…he already listens to his Dad LOL!