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I haven't updated here in quite some time and I'm shocked that I'm still getting hits, but I appreciate it! I've been doing most of my work over at drivingline.com (You'll find all Cars & Coffee stuff there, albeit limited) but figured I'd toss some of my more personal stuff…

EuroJournal: Part 1 *Geneva*

Personal Random Excerpts and thoughts from the trip, city by city. Note: A lot of these pics are iPhone only - sorry in advance for the quality! It all started as the usual talk – My buddy Arling has always used the “When we go to..” even though we probably…

Geneva Auto Salon 2014

As nuts as it sounds, I'm in Geneva. What started out as my buddy AW saying "When we go to Geneva" about a year ago and me saying "yeah, yeah ok..." has turned into this blog post. There's a longer story behind it which I'm sure I'll eventually post, but…