I need to start posting here again…some Quail images/thoughts as well.

#dadlife has me busy but still need an outlet to just throw out some thoughts and ideas…might as well do it here.

Felt like I got A LOT done over 72 hours last weekend, Friday turn and burn to Monterey for The Quail with the infamous @jonsibal. #jonsibal #iknowjonsibal – Saturday, Cars & Coffee – swim class with Chase and then Family time. Sunday AM with the kids, then off to Ikea to do a train table hack for Chase’s birthday (Surprise but he can’t read this anyways)…

I’ll have a feature up @drivingline for The Quail, but in the meantime…

Some outtakes:


Shout out to Enterprise Plus!! Got a cheap upgrade to this 328i, nice little motor with good powerband!


Geared up, thanks @rstrada – I ended up wearing one to the Exotics on Cannery row event (more on this later) these are nice and soft. LOL.


The ultimate navigator, happy that we stopped for a bathroom break LOL. @jonsibal #ipeedwithjonsibal – we’ve been on a few trips, just the two of us and he’s by far the best psychologist/therapist ever – cheaper too.


Shoutout to @rjdevera – he was able to get Jon a ticket into Quail! Not originally planned, as I was just gonna drop off Prince BMW at Werks Reunion, good looking out. This is #teamhotness LOL. Needed a 4th Pinoy to get the full band together but didn’t see @samdu until later that day LOL!! (Yes, Jon and I are under-dressed but then again, we all can’t be RJ DeVera – Damn that guys fast!)

I actually got my ticket thru a long time friend – thanks Ganesh!!!


Worth the drive itself, the final example of the mighty McLaren F1 GTR LongTail…I described seeing this car as a “Unicorn, riding a Unicorn” – we got to hear it run as well, such an amazing machine. Diecast car in real life LOL.


This isn’t a McLaren ad, I swear but man – they really brought out the goods!! Upon entry, the first thing that caught my eye – black on orange, P1 GTR. YASSSSSSS.


Full Carbon Fiber Exposed Ferrari Enzo. Yeah…someone did it and it wasn’t Mansory! Crazy. Nice quality, done in Italy right next to the Ferrari factory actually, at a local Atelier…(Fancy)


Meet the Koenigsegg Agera XS – a one off Agera with some One:1 Aero parts built for the same owner of a Lamborghini Veneno (1 of 3) – Kris Singh. I should’ve started a hedge fund dammit.


That reverse dropped airplane wing from the One:1 – my god. It works too, just saw a video of the One:1 from Jay Leno’s garage…I SHOULD’VE STARTED A HEDGE FUND DAMMIT.


One of my favorites, the SCG003 (Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus) – built off of what they learned from the one off P3/P4 – with a Honda Race motor in it!! Love this thing and James Glickenhaus even liked my IG shot of it…LOL! I think I sold one to this guy who was asking questions, by the way so JG should definitely lend me one to bring to Cars and Coffee…it’s only fair.

I’m gonna leave the rest for you to read at Drivingline.com – (Shameless Plug) – so go check it out!!








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