FS: 20″ Modulare B30

Longtime readers (all 2 of you) will probably be pissed that I finally update my site and it’s a for sale ad LOL. Hope everyone is doing well, here’s the first of a few Audi R8 parts that I’m selling to get the garage clean:

20×8.5 and 20×11 Modulare B30 Monoblock in brush tinted finish
245/30/20 Toyo Proxes T1-R Front – treadwear 8/32 remaining
305/25/20 Toyo Proxes T1-R Rear – treadwear 8/32 remaining



The wheels are the prefect offset for the R8, note that my car is lowered on H&R Springs.


Shot of all 4 wheels and tires. NOTE: I simply placed the centercaps on top, I did not screw them in thus they do not look flush,  but they site completely flush when screwed in. I cleaned everything so I removed the caps obviously.

Shot of the massive rears.

Best detail shot I could find of a 1/2 inch blemish on one of the wheels. I don’t think people would notice this but I’m particular and wanted to point it out. This is in the bright sunlight and due to the finish it’s really tough to see. This wasn’t due to curbing, I believe it was during a mount/dismount.

Rear treadwear digital indicator – got to use my new gadget LOL.

Front treadwear digital indicator – no more pennies for testing LOL.

For you concave freaks – rear wheel shot. This is a great offset/setup.

This set will fit Lamborghini Gallardo as well, in case you’re into that kind of thing. Wheels were never washed with anything but the same soap from that I use on the car (Hi Meguiars!), no harsh detergents. No TPMS is included, you will have to provide your own. If you have any questions shoot me an email at albert@albertroxas.com – would rather not ship so local buyers have an advantage.

Price: $3300 – please don’t waste my time or yours with trades or offers, unless you’re extremely good looking, can paint my house or offer some kind of ritual that will ensure that LeBron will never win another championship.

Thx for looking, I also have a few other R8 items that will be posted shortly.


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