I haven’t updated here in quite some time and I’m shocked that I’m still getting hits, but I appreciate it! I’ve been doing most of my work over at drivingline.com (You’ll find all Cars & Coffee stuff there, albeit limited) but figured I’d toss some of my more personal stuff here.

Pic below is me shooting an R8 (the irony!) at the Ring back in March…note the “Chase” lego sticker we placed…hope it’s still there when we go back!


Pshop my buddy Phil did of Chase at the Ring with his new Lambo LP670-4 battery toy…


BMW ///M4 we caught at the Ring back in March.


An old shot of the garage at our condo…circa 2002? ¬†Wife’s Audi A4 missing…

Current shot of the garage…def need to clean up a bit.

I can’t remember if I posted this or not…but it’s me on the Ring!

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