and the Chase Sticker Saga continues…

If you missed the original post, read this first:

Thanks to my homie AW, who is currently doing a European Delivery. He offered to stick up a few during his trip and here’s what we’ve got so far…Chase, you’ve got your work set out for you buddy…Uncle AW is putting you up to the challenge! This is the first set of stickers I’m not putting up personally…the fam is looking out for Chase! Go get em.

Chase Sticker #1.
Located in the center of Berlin, it’s a historical square that holds the US Embassy and the famous Brandenburg Gate…

And now a Chase Sticker 🙂

Chase Sticker #2 is in wait for it…chase_troll2

Your sticker is at the start of the serpentine mountain road (one of the most amazing in the world, #19 to be specific) – notice another familiar sticker on the sign as well 🙂 Drive safe on this one buddy…

A little preview of the journey…

Chase Sticker #3 is at the top! Such an amazing view – be sure to take a break…

Yes, European Delivery is the way to go buddy.

And look back at the road you just conquered…

Thanks Uncle AW and Zoey for taking the time to leave a little something on your trip for Chase to strive for!!

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