The Chase Sticker Story…

If you’re my friend on Facebook, by now you’ve probably had your fill of the “Chase Sticker” posts, but for those that weren’t a part of it or if you missed a post, I figured I’d aggregate them all here in one place.
It started off as a way for me to let Chase know that I was thinking of him during my trip, it’s not easy (honestly) to leave your 6 month old at home, even as a guy – I didn’t want to miss out on anything, but I also wanted to show him that anything is possible and that how important it is for him to follow his dreams. Part of it was overcoming fear as well (I have a pretty bad phobia of flying) so I wanted Chase to know that he can’t let anything stand in the way of what he wants to accomplish – he can do anything and I as his Dad wanted to back those words up. Leaving the stickers and comments would give Chase something to drive towards, to visit the spots – in the event (god forbid) something were to happen to me on the trip, yes – I was that scared of flying. (Ironically, going 230KPH sustained on the autobahn and driving the Nurburgring in the wet didn’t concern me at all). My buddy Krist ( made some extra “Chase” stickers from an original design for Chase’s bedroom. It’s a Lego font and one of the tumbler’s he gave me during Christmas had a bunch of spare stickers in it. When I was packing for the trip, I decided to throw these in my backpack and stick them in each city I stopped in – thus the idea was born.
The first Chase sticker was placed in Geneva, where we were attending the Auto Salon:

While on this trip, I brought along a few extra “Chase” Lego Logo stickers with me to leave in each city we stay in. Chase, your job when you grow up is to find these locations (the sticker may be gone) and take a pic with your significant other at each spot. Your first spot is in the second floor of the Geneva Starbucks. Love you buddy.

Geneva spot #2: Chase – this was your Uncle AW’s idea since I went into the city today. Across the bridge into “Old Geneva” – there’s a statue of 2 ladies that represent Geneva and Switzerland. Walk from that towards the famous fountain and there’s an electrical box with your sticker on it. Buy me a watch at a local store LOL

Chase Sticker #3 : Brussels / Autoworld Museum. There is a pole in front of the fountain before you get to Autoworld, your uncle Arling reminded me to stick one on the way out! Get a fresh Belgian waffle from the mobile guy with your special someone! I’m smiling because we were all laughing they the pole was dirty…

Chase Sticker #4: Nurburgring, Germany: Nordschleife “The Ring” – Chase, this is the holy land for car enthusiasts, there is nothing more. Find your sticker on one of the posts where the gate covers the long straight – look for the “Bilstein” Banner. If you’ve made it this far, you might as well drive it as well – buckle up and remember not to lift thru the turns. Hopefully you’re driving one of my cars LOL.

Chase Sticker #5 : Stuttgart / Zuffenhausen | Chase, find your sticker at the Porsche Museum Rail Stop at the pole closest to the stairs. I don’t think this one will stay buddy, the place is way too clean and they really do a great job of maintaining everything (very German) Grab a bite to eat at Boxenstopp inside the museum, the burgers are great

Chase Sticker #6 Lamborghini Corporate | Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. Chase, look for locker #88 in the Museum (your moms old pager number!) inside you’ll find your sticker. This is my favorite brand, although this trip makes me appreciate each manufacturers specialties much more. Whether you end up being a Lambo, Ferrari, Pagani, Porsche, BMW or Audi guy, you’re still my guy. Love you buddy.

Chase “Sticker” #7 – at the top of Cattedrale Di Santa Maria del Fiore, 437 steps up, I wrote your name. A sticker wouldn’t stick and I’m down to 3 so make the trek up and enjoy the view. Me and your Uncle AW made it all the way, your Tito Joe tried valiantly but had to tap out at the base of the dome. Uncle AW took this pic, I’m pointing to your name! I miss you, your mom and Mochi!

Chase Sticker #8: Piazza San Marcos/St. Marks Square – Venezia/Venice, Italy. Chase, your sticker is on a informational board facing the campanile, on the opposite side of Cafe Florian’. This city is pretty amazing, surrounded by water, people use gondola’s to get around. I didn’t take a Gondola ride with the guys LOL, I saved that for you and Mom. (Plus, we all wanted to race each other and that would’ve been pretty expensive) The city is amazing, lots of stuff to see buddy. Take your special someone here and get some coffee at Cafe Florian then go shopping! Stay warm though, it’s pretty crazy cold!!

Chase Sticker #9 : Salzburg, Austria – Chase, they say Redbull gives you wings, but faith in yourself will bring you much further. Remember, there’s nothing you can’t do and when people say you can’t, the best part is proving them wrong. I can’t wait to see what you’re passionate about and where life brings you. The sticker is in the cylinder elevator at the museum, top left corner. Even if it’s gone, think that I had to take this elevator 4 times to get this done LOL. Love you buddy, 1 sticker left for Munich!!!

Chase Sticker #9 : Marienplatz, Munich, Chase – this is the last sticker for this European adventure, find it on a pole around the corner from the Apple Store. I visited this city about 13 years ago before your mom and I were married, at the time I actually told my boss (I was here for work) I was going to marry her, I definitely made the right choice! Once you’ve found all the stickers it’s time to stick some of your own…Your mom and I will have to come find them…as long as they’re not in France LOL

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