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Another SEMA has come and gone and man, every year the time seems to go by so much faster! I actually stayed 3 days this year (normally I’m a turn and burn guy) to provide some content for #livefromsema as well as #drivingline, if you haven’t checked it out you can find the articles at the links below:

The turnout was pretty amazing – I’d say the biggest turnout prior to the dip in the economy by far…here’s some shots from my time at the show:

I hit the convention center about an hour before general opening (Media is allowed in half an hour) Since they moved the Media center to the Main hall, I decided to hit that first.

I believe this was the only RS7 at SEMA, at the H&R booth – STATIC. (Static = not on air)

Also at the H&R Booth, Rotiforms 964. I’ve been pretty tough on Rotiform in the past -but their latest offerings are really on point. Checkout that Fuchs style multi-piece.

So much right going on with this car…and yes, STATIC.

H&R also had the latest 4 series (3 series) on some Breytons – there’s a name I haven’t heard in a minute.

From STATIC to AIR, Accuair had an S7 that was crazy dumped on the other corner of the entrance.

Air-d up, it was a total 4×4. The cons of being on Air (primarily handling) are slowly being marginalized with technology advances…these aren’t your typical low-rider type airbag solutions.

More air – Airrex 360 Modena, silly dumped on some clean Vossen wheels. Just silly.

GoPro brought out a bare skinned Carbon Fiber Pagani Huayra – decked out with a bunch of their new GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras.

This was listed as one my top products from SEMA – full feature and more pics can be found here:

Over in the Scion Booth was Ken Gushi’s crazy Cement Gray (YAY!! Trail Teams FJ Color suckas!) FR-S with 2JZ Motor…(that’s the old school Supra motor for you newbs! LOL!)

Wearing the latest Rocket Bunny 2.0 kit as well – loved this car!

Also in the Scion booth was Ben f/Bulletproofs Varis FR-S…GOOD GOD, this thing was just insane in the membrane. (Insane in the brain!) – Ben’s choice of parts were second to none, if there was a Barney’s for tuners, his shop would be it.

At 10:30A, my buddy John Pangalinan was unveiling his JP Edition Hyundai Genesis at the Hyundai booth so I headed over that way next:

Great build, well done as usual John. NOTE: Hyundai is really supporting the aftermarket tuners with a crate engine program! Was listed as one of my favorite products as well here

Some BMW E92 goodness from Liberty Walk, many these guys aren’t messing around – Liberty Walk cars were everywhere. Love the Grigio Telesto (Lambo Battleship Grey) on this car.

Betim and the boyz at BBI brought out their Veyron challenger – I believe this started life as a 997 Turbo S if I remember correctly, PDK and all…completely different beast now. Love the heritage Apple livery of course 🙂

Looking for an exhaust for your 458? Akrapovic has you handled, CF tips and all.

Oh and this was in their booth…(Insert Mr. Chow hand gesture from the Hangover) “PSH PSH PSH PSH PSH” – Audi R18 Ultra


or so I thought. My boy RJ and Meguiars really stunted on everyone by bringing out this insane Bugatti.

More pics and info can be found here
Prince of Persia people…PRINCE OF PERSIA.

Sidenote: As RJ was dropping knowledge on the car to me – I point out some random international guy trying to set his tripod INSIDE the display to get a better pic, RJ cool as Ice walks over and kindly asks the guy not to do it. I pointed and screamed like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Not a car I’d normally be up on but there was a very clean and well done IS in the Motul booth – oh EVASIVE, no wonder! 🙂

A car I’d totally be up on LOL. Eibach brought out an Audi R8 LMS Racecar 🙂

I used the Toyo Tires Treadpass walkway to head over to the South Hall (There’s your plug Stan!! TOYO TOYO TOYO, VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE) my bad for tagging #nitto on one of Toyo’s Liberty Walk Murcielago’s LOL – Stan busted me on Instagram…hey, I was tired LOL.

Another Liberty Walk widebody – BMW Wagon!

Mark from Fatlace’s old school Skyline

and said mistaken Liberty Walk Murcielago. Toyo Tires.

The South Hall (Wheel and Tire/Offroad) was packed. I remember back in 08′ when they couldn’t fill the hall. The money is back fellas!! I still miss Michelin though, they always had the craziest booth cars.

Falken was front and center with a pretty sick Porsche Racecar. They had one of the better shwag gifts – a deck of cards with the Falken Porsche on em.

Dai’s race ready BRZ – looking clean in all white.

Pirelli always does it right, they had a few nice vehicles in their booth including the Aventador-V by Vorsteiner.

Transformer Pumpkin

Toyo had one of the most creative/innovative booth setups at SEMA, peep the jumping truck!!

Peep the Jumping Stan getting all up in my shot – He screamed “TEAM TOYO!” right before jumping on me LOL.

Very cool setup, Liberty Walk LeBron James sitting pretty (Come on, you read the article right?)

Also in the Toyo Tires booth – Nakai’s personal RWB 930 – the story behind RWB is awesome…

I actually ran into Sibal (1/3 of Team Hotness) and the RWB crew outside of Wicked Spoon, apparently I was supposed to eat with them but I didn’t check my email (UGH)

I ended up running into everyone again on our way to the Formula D party – the brotherhood and friendliness of these guys is pretty amazing. If you happen to be one of the lucky few (8 of 12 complete so far in the US), you have the option to hit Motegi (that’s in Japan) to race with the rest of the “family”.

After talking with them, it’s apparent – RWB is a way of life. It’s not just the cars, its the people and experiences.

Yeah, needless to say I want one. After SEMA, I’ve got a list of 5 more cars added to my “before I die” projects LOL.

Hankook and our friends at eGarage brought out this crazy KTM Crossbow. Team Hankook JAY!! TEAM HANKOOK!! LOL (Inside Joke)


Vince form iForged brought out his Misha 991 car for display, looking all kinds of craze.

Pretty much the car of the show – the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 in the Nitto Tires booth. Full article and pictures available here.

Nitto also had this sick Subie Blue FR-S w/Rocket Bunny 2.0 aero. Peep those custom BBS LM’s!

W I D E.

R8 GT in the Forgiato booth…or was this Lexani…or Savini…or Rucci. I can’t remember. It was in a Bling wheels booth LOL.

Had to put in a Trail Teams FJ in here!! Upstairs in the South Hall courtesy of #Icon…Send me some stuff for my daily Icon!!LOL.

Also upstairs was IISForged, with Mayday Garage’s own RWB 993 – Catalina. Such a sick car, good meeting you Danny!

Last but not least – in the “Why were you outside” category. This sick Ferrari 458 from Crooks N Castles / Auto Veloce SVR / LTMW

Crazy Challenge inspired wing.

Just in case you didn’t know…can’t stop the Crooks.

I see some F12 in there – (Thanks Sibal)

That’s it for now – it was great meeting new friends and catching up with old!! Some of my favorite car stories to tell come from SEMA …WASH YOUR HAND PAT!!!!

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