Rancho Cucamonga Cars & Coffee

Every time I hear “Rancho Cucamonga” I can’t help but think of the movie “Next Friday” and the fact that it sounds CRAZY far (we pass it on the way to Vegas right?)- So when a buddy asked me if I wanted to roll to an upcoming Cars & Coffee there, I was hesitant at first. I’m literally 7 minutes from Cars & Coffee Irvine (which is why I can make it every Saturday) and this meet was on a Sunday about 50 minutes away. Time is precious (particularly when you have a new baby) but Jeffrey sold it to me as a way to really get some time behind the cars rather than just the quick jump to C&C.

Yeah, seems even far on a map – I’ve got some GoPro footage I’ll put up later on my upcoming youtube channel LOL. Here’s a quick rolling shot of Jeffrey rocking the Vorsteiner 599-VX on our way to the “IE”.

The event was put together by an F-Chat member who I assume was from the IE – I had never been to Victoria Gardens, an outdoor mall off of the 15 (pretty sure it was the 15 we exited lol) with a few decent size parking lots to accommodate an early AM car meet – the only caveat was that they asked everyone to leave by 10AM prior to the shops opening.


Was a nice turnout, much more “cozy” than C&C – which we thought was cool, very grassroots and everyone was chill.

I happened to park next to this sweet F40. The owner and I had actually met before thru a mutual friend, such an amazing car. He also recently picked up an F50 (WHAT!) so sick.

Carseats have caught my eye as of lately (shocker LOL) – love the irony of the fire extinguishing system between the carseat and the driver seat…:) Safety first kids.

Shot of Jeffrey’s 599-VX – Bianco Fuji baby…SO SICK.

Very sweet white 16M with the CF sideskirt option exposed.

Really cool looking Lotus 211 I believe?

Front shot.

Between the R8 and F40

Something for everyone – AE86 and FR-S!

Overall a cool little meet with some nice cars – CNC Exotics (Ontario?) hosted a mini-bbq which we swung by but I sincerely had to get home to the kid so didn’t stay too long. The next event is in Oct. sometime (I believe they’re doing this monthly) so if you happen to be in the IE on an early Sunday AM, might want to check this little gem out 😉

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