The mother of all C&C’s…Mansory Veyron Vincero, Singer 911, DMC Aventadors, Nissan Juke…

As all 3 readers of this blog know, I’ve been going to Cars & Coffee back when it was Crystal Cove – I’d have to say, this past Saturdays turnout has to be one of the, if not the best, most crowded, highest quality events since its inception. Either that or I was so mesmerized by the high profile cars, I didn’t notice any of the basic stuff in the lot 😉

I was up early than normal thanks to the new kid (Chase) – whom I lovingly call “The Hulk” since you don’t want to make him angry…but secretly, he’s always angry.

Making my way downtown, walking fast fast, faces pass…kidding (you guys remember that song? LOL)- As I walked the usual route towards the lot, I was stopped by the crowd surrounding this.

Yep, we missed it a few weeks back at the Lambo NB event – but not this time. The Mansory Bugatti Veyron Vincero (say that 3 times fast) – fully shrouded in Carbon Fiber goodness.

No detail spared…CF EVERYWHERE.

There was a lot of drool on the floor to say the least.

Truly bespoke, the interior would’ve had even Yeezus singing cuz I ain’t got the money on me right now.

There were a total of 4 Bugatti’s that showed up – so everyone woke up in a new Bugatti last Saturday.

Spencer Berke brought out Symbolic’s Veyron Vitesse – I remember Spence when he was just a kid taking pics of our Porsche’s back in the day. Hard worker, motivator and overall good person, nice to see guys like this do well for themselves.

Next to the Bugs – Nissan 360 brought out a GTR and this little guy.

Reminds me I need to upload the Pixar Motorama pics dammit!

2 yes TWO DMC Aventador’s leaving – AYE CARUMBA.

At this point, I was pretty much spazzing out and couldn’t decide what to take pics of…case in point, my morning convo with RJ and Jon. LOL.

I ran into Jon a few minutes later, here he is taking a pic of the Mansory Veyron Vincero.

Peep this ultra slick Porsche 964 from the guys at Rotiform. Re-barreled BBS RS, custom paint – “Static” (a new word I learned since I’m getting old) = NO AIR, and some fine details like an OEM Porsche Motorsport steering wheel.


Around the corner, just an Aventador Roadster flanked by the guys at McLaren NB – man I love those OEM Dion wheels.

Jon’s infamous Charger…1:1 – more on this later.

Heading back towards the front, this unsuspecting old school Porsche was just chillin.

Nothing crazy here right? People all gawking at the Bugatti’s.

But for those in the know…

It’s a freaking SINGER. I won’t go into the details, but for us bespoke/tuner enthusiasts – this is the end all.

Devil is in the details – and this car has em all.

Quilted engine carpet? CHECK.

More info on what a Singer can be found here. To quote Ferris Bueller – It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

This guy was giving people rides around C&C in his Steam car – so cool!!

After all this epicness, it was topped off by a cool Project my boy Pat had been working on for over a year now…he hit me up to meet him and Jon in the lot across the street.

Jon’s diecast was finished!!!

When Pat embarked on this, we saw all the prototype sketches, etc – but never were really sure it’d see the light of day.

Best of all, there’s Jon’s website on the front windshield – and one of my older projects website on the BACK windshield!!! Time to update A-T!!!

Jon, the most humble guy I know – standing next to 1:1 and the new diecasts. Available in stores soon!!!

It’s been an incredible week – first week of being a new Dad, lots of great cars at C&C and a good friends car becoming a die cast toy!, can’t ask for much more.

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