I thought I lost these…Koenigsegg CCX from May LOL.

I’m pretty notorious for taking pics and never posting them (apparently) so I’m sure nobody thought any different when a friend picked up a Koenigsegg and I never posted pics of it LOL. Same one you’ve seen at C&C etc, I had some “alone” time with it at the mancave earlier this year and honestly thought I had lost the pics somehow…anyways here they are.

If you’re reading my blog I’m sure you know what the Koenigsegg is so I won’t bore you with the basics.

Takes that “scissor” door look to the next level. They actually open out then up, “gunslinger” style or dihedral synchro-helix actuation style to be exact LOL.

Pretty much the only time you’ll see door warnings like this – watch that curb buddy!! LOL.

No-nonsense doorsill, nice design though.

Plush yet sporty and stable everywhere. Alcantara for days. Cockpit appears smaller than it actually is.

Crazy beefy steering wheel…I’ve got big hands and it still felt thick…and you know what they say about big hands LOL. This post is going south quick.

Koenig with his buddies. You may remember the others from my previous blogs.

Top 3 interesting facts:
1. The top is removable and actually stows away in the front compartment.
2. Brakes are different brands front and rear.
3. I can palm a basketball.

Happy hump day LOL.

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