The next best thing? Vorsteiner’s McLaren MP4-VX

Vorsteiner held a private pre-release party of their latest creation the McLaren MP4-VX at their Orange County studios last night and I had the opportunity to swing by and take a look. It’s always fun to go to these more cozy events because it’s usually a small group of people I actually know LOL. The usual suspects were there and it was good catching up with some old friends as well.
This was the first event I believe at their renovated studio which looks great – amazing aesthetic, but man they gotta fix that driveway LOL. Although they had valet, a few of us opted for the street because there was no way we’d make it without killing our front bumper…oh hey, maybe that’s part of the marketing plan, lose a bumper leaving and buy one available? (Kidding Peter)

They had 2 completed MP4-VX ready for the unveiling – Orange under this one.

McLaren NB brought along a silver stock MP4-12C for comparison…

and…there she is! Funny because the last time I was at an event and a car was unveiled this way I couldn’t take pics – it was my niece pulling the cover off of the pre-production Aventador (true story LOL).

Say cheese!


My buddy Jeffrey’s car was outside – white is right.

Butterfly collar.

Carbon undies.

Feedback was great for the event and car itself, the most common comment was “mini-p1” which makes sense with all the P1 inspired design. Since only 375 examples of the mighty P1 will be available, this is your next best opportunity – albeit a much cheaper one as well.

Oh, obligatory photo of me in the P1 LOL.

Have a great weekend – see, I’ve been posting more LOL.

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